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Guild Stronghold

Guild Stronghold

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Where the heck is the Guild Stronghold?

Current Guild Stronghold Structures as of 2017 05 16:

Current Guild structures which provide Guild boons:

The Stable(rank5):

The barracks(rank5):

Everyone in the guild can make use of these guild boons, to activate them in game press C -> Boons -> Guild Stronghold, and then click on the boons you want to activate. There are 4 types of guild boons(Offense, Defense, Utility and PVP) only one boon per type can be active at any given moment so experiment with which ones will work for your differant classes and toons. Please note, these boon effects apply to your characters when you are in or out of the guild stronghold. In other words “Everywhere”. They can be switched at anytime without a respect being required which makes them the most flexible boons in the game!

What is the next planned guild stronghold structure upgrade?
Guild Hall Rank 11!

Guild Donation(s):
At anytime you can help with our guild’s growth and success by making a donation to the guild coffer.

**IMPORTANT** Please do NOT donate campaign treasures which you have not yet finish your campaign for. Please finish your campaigns first before donating any of the campaign treasures. ALL Donations are non refundable and there is no way for us to give those donated items back.

By running quests/events such as Dragonflight, Stronghold Heroics, Stronghold Marauders with the guild and/or our alliance you will receive various vouchers which can be donated to the guild coffer. The guild uses these resources to build and upgrade buildings which benefit all members in the guild. The main examples being the guild boon structures. You can also donate gold, excess equipment and so forth.

Where is the guild coffer? How do I get to it?
First the guild coffer is in the guild stronghold to the left of the great guild hall and past the guild weapons/armor vendor.

Please meet “CHOMPY” the guild coffer:

It is important to ensure that when you are donating, that you have selected the correct guild within the alliance to donate to. Donations to other guilds within the alliance are allowed but we ask that you focus on our own guild resources before considering making donations to other alliance guilds. So if/when a particular resources is full in our coffer, this would be an ideal time to make a donation to your choice of our allied guilds.

What do I get for donating to the guild coffer?

In addition to the respect and admiration of your fellow guild mates, you will also receive “Guild Marks” which are a form of in game currency used to buy guild gear(some of the best in game), guild food(nice buffs) and furniture for the guild’s great hall. Most of all, you will be contributing to the growth of the guild and the bigger the guild, the bigger the guild boons!

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