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Guild Rules

Joining the Guild:

  • No Exploits – We do not use exploits in game and wish to keep it that way.
  • No Bots – We beleive much of the issues with this game are the direct result of the use of bots/scripts. The amount of lag, many of the cool things that have been taken away or changed over the years to “Protect” against bots. We will not contribute to this.
  • Must be willing to help others and participate in guild events/runs.
  • Any and all classes of any level are welcome to join.
  • No hatred or racism of any kind will be toletated period including that against character races or classes.
  • We DO NOT charge guild taxes and we never will! Our guild was founded on the principle that the game must be fun to play and not become “Like Work”. We operate on a “Do what you can/Contribute what you can, whenever you can” idealism.
  • Be respectfull within the guild and our guild alliance.

Inactive Toons/Characters:

We regularly cull inactive players from the roster to keep the guild active at all times.

If you need to take an extended vacation or simply want/need a break from the game, please let the guild leader know this ahead of time so that we can know not to remove you for being inactive.

**Please note** if we ever accidentally remove you by mistake, or if you have been inactive but have recently come back to the game, all it takes is a simple /tell or in game mail and we’ll re-add you.

The Currently Inactive player policy goes as follows:

We only kick on account handles, not on specific toons/alts.

If you account has not been used within the past 3 months and your highest level toon is lower then lvl70 then you will be removed from the guild.

If you account has not been used within the past 6 months and your highest level toon is lvl70 then you will be removed from the guild.

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