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Alliance Tag: BOTFM/botfm

Recruitment: Currently Open.

We are always seeking active, honorable and friendly players. Send an in game mail to JonSnow@vondan if you would like to join our ranks.

Do we require any donation to join? No, all we ask is that you actively partake in our guild events, such as Dragonflight, Stronghold Marauders, Stronghold Heroics when you can and that you uphold our guild standards at all times. This means being friendly, helpful, honorable and respectful.

Guild Ranks:

*Any new recruit will be enlisted as a guild rank of Commoner.

*All new recruits which are under level 70, must remain at rank commoner until they reach level 70.

*To be considered for a guild rank promotion to a rank of Knight from Commoner you must be level 70 and have participated in at least one guild event where an officer was present. Such as Dragonflight, Stronghold Marauders, or our nightly Stronghold Heroics and have donated influence from said event to the guild coffer.

*Promotions from rank of Knight to any higher guild rank are discussed during our weekly guild officers meeting, where guild knights who have displayed merits in helpfulness, participations and or donations are nominated and agreed upon by the guild leadership team. The Guild Lord may promote a specific individual where the candidate possesses a skill which the guild leadership team currently lacks or is need of IE: A Guild Recruiter, a Drill Sargent, a Treasurer, for example.

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