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Dragonflight Guild Alliance Raid

First off, ensure you have enabled the guild alliance chat channel in game as depicted below , so you can see/hear the announced Dragonflight raid times across all the guilds in our alliance:

Once you have the alliance chat enabled you can see when any particular alliance guild is calling a Dragonflight(DF) run. They will say something like “DF run in 30 mins @such&such guild hold”. When you hear that, always follow the lead of the guild which is hosting the DF run. So for example, if someone from Sotad guild calls it in the chat, then you go to the Sotad guild stronghold and follow their instructions carefully. I will later on explain the common dragon locations and the types of toons which normally fight which dragon. However, you might be wondering now, “How do I get to their guild’s Stronghold?”. The image below explains this quite well.

Each guild leader sets an alliance tag(short name) for their own guild in the alliance. Normally the format is the first character of each word in the guild’s name. Below is the current list of guild tags, you will see these tags in the alliance chat channel in front of each player’s name to show which guild they belong to:

  • Spirits of the Ancient Dragons | SOTAD
  • Blood of the First Men | BOTFM
  • Hero’s of the Hall | HERO
  • D’Elamshin | DELAM
  • As the travelling wizard is the guy whom starts the Dragonflight run, DO NOT talk to him at all during Dragonflight runs. There will be a designated DF run starter who will call the dragons down for the run.

    Dragon Locations:

    In Dragonflight there are 4 dragons. Red Dragon(Katatheo The Proud), Blue Dragon(Chrysos The Vain), Green Dragon(Oxuno The Treacherous) and Black Dragon(Ekdos The Cruel). The number of dragons any group can take down/kill is determined by the size of group, amount of DPS, type of DPS, Buffs/Healers. In general under 15 players unless very high item level would attempt to take down 1-2 dragons. 15-20 players generally would be 2-3 dragons, 20-40 players to attempt 4 dragons. Here is a pic showing their locations:


    Always listen in alliance chat for instructions as each guild does things slightly different, however I will attempt to explain the common strategy(s) we use overall.

    At its most basic level, the strategy unless otherwise changed is all Melee characters(GWFs,GFs,TRs and Tank OPs) start off fighting the Red Dragon, while all Ranged/Healers(HRs, CWs, DCs, SWs and Healadin OPs) start off fighting the Green Dragon.

    When the dragon your fighting reaches 10% health, everyone stops and moves on to their next dragon target except the designated Dragon Killer for each dragon. The designated dragon killer will remain behind to kill off the remaining 10% when the KILL command is given in chat.

    NEVER kill a dragon under 10% without checking in chat for the KILL command. Why You might ask? Because when one dragon is slain the others will retreat after 1 minute!!!

    Unless otherwise stated in the alliance chat channel and if there are sufficient players in the run, all RED Dragon fighters move to Blue Dragon and all Green Dragon Fighters move to Black Dragon. If there are not enough players to do all four dragons, we commonly shift all red and all green to black. However, when this happens keep your eyes on the red messaging above the dragon as if there are more then 20 players attacking him, it will become immune to damage. Back off out of the dragon circle and allow DPS toons to attack only.

    No Resurrections:

    If you fall in battle against a dragon, DO NOT call for help(Shift+1). If you are resurrected you will get Revive sickness which reduces your dps and skill effectiveness by a considerable amount. Instead respawn(Shift+2) yourself to the closest campfire and run back to the fight. Make sure you stand on the campfire for a second or two before running back to the fight. Drink your dragon slayer potion, and whatever your preferred stat potion, read your dragon protection scroll, eat your guild food, and cast buffs if applicable. Then run back to the fight.

    This is even more important to remember when fighting the Black Dragon as each fallen player causes the black dragon to spawn a ghost wraith which will normally camp out right on top of fallen players.

    Dragon Empowerers:

    At various times throughout the fight on all dragons, there will be dragon empowerers which spawn. One, two or three of them, and generally in that order. They always spawn in random spots towards the outside of the dragon circle. They greatly increase the strength and damage of the dragon so kill them when you see them. Then re-focus on the dragon. Repeat as many time as required till the dragon is down to 10% as mentioned above.

    Scheduled Dragonflight Run Times:

    5:30AM EST | SoS hold

    3:30PM EST | SoS hold

    9:30PM EST | SOTAD hold

    To ensure you get a spot on the main instance(scales at 40 players) you should plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early.

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