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Blood Of The First Men

We are a three year old Neverwinter Online guild founded on the principles of Honor, Collaboration and Friendship.

Here you will find there is always someone willing to help you with information, tips, tricks and assistance on content(Dungeons, quests, campaign dailies/weeklies). We look forward to growing with you and maturing into one of the top guilds in Neverwinter Online.

We welcome you to our new guild website. The site is a work in progress so please excuse us for any messes or anything that is not yet working. Please contact us if you notice anything out of whack. Thanks.

  • Patch Notes: Version: NW.90.20171009a.3 October 23, 2017
    Highlights New Skirmish: The Merchant Prince's Folly Merchant Prince Wakanga O'tamu has recently acquired a treasure that others will stop at nothing to take for themselves. Protect Port Nyanzaru, build barricades, and repel the attack long enough to rebuild the gates, with improved rewards based on the speed of completion. Check out the dev blog: […]
  • Swords of Chult Maintenance Stream! October 23, 2017
    Join us on Tuesday, October 24 at 7:30am PT for the Swords of Chult release maintenance stream! We'll be giving out prizes including the Community in-game Titles, luring unsuspecting Devs into the stream, and more!  Thanks to our sponsor, Corsair, we'll also be giving out 3 Scimitar Pros during the stream. The contest is not limited to […]