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Blood Of The First Men

We are a three year old Neverwinter Online guild founded on the principles of Honor, Collaboration and Friendship.

Here you will find there is always someone willing to help you with information, tips, tricks and assistance on content(Dungeons, quests, campaign dailies/weeklies). We look forward to growing with you and maturing into one of the top guilds in Neverwinter Online.

We welcome you to our new guild website. The site is a work in progress so please excuse us for any messes or anything that is not yet working. Please contact us if you notice anything out of whack. Thanks.

  • Patch Notes: Version: NW.80.20170515e.13 June 22, 2017
    Release Notes   Combat and Powers Devoted Cleric The feat, Bear Your Sins, no longer incorrectly triggers deflect procs like Frozen Reflection and Icy Aggression.    Items and Economy General Mount insignias can now properly be claimed after defeating the final boss of a dungeon. Nostura's Companion Pack: When players receive an Intellect Devourer companion […]
  • Explore Chult with the Devs! June 21, 2017
    Note: Check out our Twitter for updates on where to find the Devs!   Greetings Adventurers! Come join some of the Neverwinter Developers this Thursday, June 22, at 1:30pm PT on the Preview Shard! From 1:30 to 3pm PT, explore the wonders of Chult alongside the Developers and enjoy the luscious environment that is definately not filled […]