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Blood Of The First Men

We are a three year old Neverwinter Online guild founded on the principles of Honor, Collaboration and Friendship.

Here you will find there is always someone willing to help you with information, tips, tricks and assistance on content(Dungeons, quests, campaign dailies/weeklies). We look forward to growing with you and maturing into one of the top guilds in Neverwinter Online.

We welcome you to our new guild website. The site is a work in progress so please excuse us for any messes or anything that is not yet working. Please contact us if you notice anything out of whack. Thanks.

  • Reddit AMA: Systems Design! August 18, 2017
    Join Lead Systems Design Robert Gutschera and Systems Designer Tony Marasco for a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, August 22 at 3pm PT! We will be taking questions during the AMA but you can start submitting questions now on the subreddit! Where: r/Neverwinter When: Tuesday, August 22 at 3pm PT (When is this for you?) Why: […]
  • This Weekend in Neverwinter! August 17, 2017
    A great weekend of events and sales is happening in Neverwinter! A 2x Enchantments and Runestones event means that you will receive double the amount you would normally get wherever you are in the game! In addition to this double event, everything in the Trade Bar Store is 20% off and Keys are 15% off! […]